Heavy traffic endangers the lives of residents and visitors

The A361 is the pedestrian route to Glastonbury's visitor attractions, it is walked by hundreds of thousands of people. The danger to life and limb is grave.

The alternative routes such as the A39 and the A37 are wider, straighter and better suited to heavy haulage, they affect less homes and are not tourist pedestrian trails.

Glastonbury is a world renowned place of pilgrimage, visitor numbers are ever increasing. More hotels, B&B’s and self catering places open up every year. In spite of this, HGV traffic continually increases unchecked.

Glastonbury Abbey alone enjoys over 100,000 visitors annually, the Chalice Well & Gardens over 50,000 - Glastonbury Tor an estimated half a million visitors per year. Hundreds of thousands walk to the Tor via Chilkwell Street and Wellhouse Lane where pavements narrow to 2 foot. There is no parking so visitors come on foot. Lorries mount these two foot pavements in order to negotiate the bend, there is no escape for pedestrians who are literally stuck in between a lorry and stone wall.

Visitors staying in the B&Bs on Coursing Batch and Ashwell Lane risk being hit by wing mirrors whilst balancing on the near non-existent pavement leading towards Chilkwell Street and the centre of town. There is no room for push chairs or mobility scooters.

Residents walking to work/town and children walking to school struggle to cross at the top of Bere Lane, and at the bottom of Fishers Hill, in order to get to the High Street. There are no safe crossing places, no zebras sensibly placed near the roundabouts - heavy traffic thundering in both directions.

Bin damaged by passing vehicles
Wheelie bin Chilckwell Street destroyed
and knocked over many times by lorries -
this photo was taken on Dec 5th

The Rural Life Museum in Bere Lane is presently under restoration in order to bring in more tourists, more school children, more buses and cars, increasing the pressure on the road further. All these visitors also head for the Tor and have to cross the road at the top of Bere Lane, and again at Well House Lane. No zebras, no safe crossings, very narrow pavements.

Hinkley Point: the building of supersized power station is imminent, further increase in heavy traffic expected. It is quite unthinkable the Council would allow Hinkley traffic to further burden the A361 through Glastonbury.

Yet SCC Leader Cllr Jon Osman has stated Hinkley aggregate lorries must be able to use the A361 since it is a county freight route.

Cracks in wall of cottage
Cracks keep re-appearing after repeated fills

In 2011 traffic was heavy morning and afternoon. In 2015 we are woken up EVERY NIGHT, 7 days a week by the noise and vibration of heavy lorries.

Vibration is causing DAMAGE to a large number of cottages and historic buildings along this route. Who is going to pay our repair bills?